Environmental Monitoring

I'm in the process of automating my house. Here is some data from my backyard sensors:


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I had some PCBs made up to do some bioimpedance spectroscopy for edma detection through the cole-cole model. One set has an MCU & space for a bluetooth module meant to communicate with an android tablet.  The other is a stand-alone module that I’m going to try and interface directly with a microtouch avr touchscreen. [...]

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This slow-carb diet has forced me to cook a lot more, and I’ve enjoyed the process.  I thought I would share a couple of the dishes that I enjoy – and that are a lot more interesting than the ones that Tim (ala 4-Hour Body) recommends.  I will not present this in the typical recipe [...]

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I’ve been stressed out about what’s going to happen tomorrow.  For almost 3 years I’ve been thinking about tomorrow.  It’s a simple exam that in the history of my department, no one has failed.  I present a research project, show I know the background to the material, and I pass.  However, I’ve managed to get [...]

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