Environmental Monitoring

I'm in the process of automating my house. Here is some data from my backyard sensors:


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I’ve been using my own template driven website for a long time now, and I’ve finally decided to do a paradigm shift and migrate to a full blown content management system (CMSms).  To those ends, I’ve been migrating the web-pages and doing a bit-o-cleanup.  I’m sure that there will be some problems, and if any [...]

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I’m presenting a poster for my thesis work on the HealthMonitor at the NPUC conference at IBM.  The facility is bizarre — it’s a small building on a huge private (gated) mountain.. I don’t know why they have all the space and isolation, but they can probably afford it (they being IBM).   The first talk [...]

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Really.  I was convincing them that capitalism was great, and how communism wouldn’t work (at a booth at a festival), and next thing you know, my phone is gone.  They picked up once when I called and this girl (I think the one with spikes attached to her chin) said “This is my phone” and [...]

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