Wireless Health Monitor

Hydroponics Uber-Automation
My hydroponics setup AKA: timekill

Enose V3
A device that can identify any arbitrary odor, once taught.


Mapping software based on old golbal vector data

TTL S/PDIF to Coax Adaptor
How to build an adaptor to connect your computer's digital audio out to your stereo reciever.

Sony S-Link
S-Link Protocol Interfacing

Rio Audio Receiver Hacking
Outdated networked audio player

PhotoAlbum v3
Photoalbum software

Bootloader for AVR microcontroller

CMSms Hacking
Content import tool

Cadsoft Eagle Hacks


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Stuff I'm working on

You'll find a list of various projects I've worked on to your left. Click on one for more information. As of late, most of my time is spent working on the my Thesis, an ambulatory HealthMonitor, which is pretty cool