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Unix Slink-E Controlling Program

I broke my leg so I wrote this : rslink.

Slink-E Basics

I've thrown together some code talk to the Slink-E, and the following is what I've been able come up with so far in my limited time.

  • - perl code to listen to slinke
  • foo.cde - controler code from slink-e distribution
  • music.dat - list of songs that are in my chagner, refernces this. It's also cdd compatible.


S-Link to Parallel Port

Mike Muise was kind enough to share what he's come up with in terms of interfacing the S-Link to the parallel port using a small, simple circuit (see figure) and has come up with a linux and dos low-level software solution :

SLINKY.C - C code for Dos Control.
SLINKY.EXE - Executable of above.
slink_modle.tar - Linux module
Some Info - General info on how things work

NOTE! Brian Demsky has come up with some modifications to RSlink to allow you to use the below parallel port device. I've not tested this, and he reports it to be somewhat buggy, but if you're interested, download these two replacement files :


The above is all under available under the GNU Public License.


S-Link to RS232

  • Tram Hudson has taken the time make some updates and improvments to Mike's kernel drivers. Check them out here.
  • Rolf Eigenheer also has an excellent site with a much more advanced scheme to make an S-Link to RS232 gateway with lots of interesting low level information and he has consolidated a few relevant pieces of reverse engineering.. You can find his site at
  • You can find a commercial version of to do this in a very slick way using a commercial product at Niris.



There is another company that offers a few differnt solutions for both the sony and the pioneer cd changers. You can find more about wintektx here.