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Modifying Eagle to generate laser-cutter files for solderpaste stencil

The problem is that although eagle will give you an option to print out a PostScript file for use with most laser cutter, it draws the features as solid objects.  Here is a modification that will allow you to generate outlines of the objects for use with a laser cutter.   

  1. Using a text editor, open C:/program Files/EAGLE-(version)/bin/eagle.def

This was my frist attempt at acutally modifying postscript code, and it worked. The tCream layer outputed from CadSoft eagle's CAM generator (PS) will generate a number of filled in boxes. I modifyied a function inside the postscript file to generate outlines to be used with a laser cutter. You need to save the file as a PS file, open it with a text editor, and replace the /b function with this one..

/b { % draw a bar
/an exch def
/y2 exch def
/x2 exch def
/y1 exch def
/x1 exch def
/w2 x2 x1 sub 2 div EU def
/h2 y2 y1 sub 2 div EU def
x1 x2 add 2 div EU y1 y2 add 2 div EU translate
an rotate
1 EU setlinewidth
w2 h2 moveto
w2 neg h2 lineto
w2 neg h2 neg lineto
w2 h2 neg lineto
w2 h2 lineto stroke
} def

I'm not sure if it'll help anyone else out there, but it works for me :)