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PhotoAlbum v3 is the third complete re-write of the code I use to display my pictures. I've been editing and enhancing the software to suite my needs for some time, but the most recent version supports the ability to host different albums for different people. The code is fairly robust, the bulk of which runs as perl CGIs under mod_perl, uses mySql as a database backend, as well as having some C based utilities to extract meta data (exif) from the pictures.


This is a list of the some of the features that are supported.
  • Multiple PhotoAlbum Support
  • Modeled after Windows XP "Thumbnails" View for easy navigation
  • Very easy to add pictures. You can transfer a thousand pictures with a hundred categories and subcategories as easily as you can upload a single picture.
  • Fast using mod_perl and other caching techniques.
  • Maintains count on unique picture views and times.
  • Allows users to vote on pictures.
  • Search for category or for picture by description.
  • Access control based on groups (50 max).
  • Users can add accounts to store preferences (very configurable).
  • Interface to edit categories.
  • Interface to edit picture.
  • "Top Ten" views - by votes, by picture views, or last ten pictures seen.
  • Catagory tree view showing number of pictures per category and indicating newly added categories.
  • Extracts and stores any meta (exif) data associated with a picture.
  • Clean, easily modifiable look & feel.


Rather than looking at screenshots, just go check out my personal photoalbum. You can start at the base here, then click on Reza to enter my photoalbum. SourceForge Logo