Environmental Monitoring

I'm in the process of automating my house. Here is some data from my backyard sensors:


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It was a bit of work to get everything setup, but I finally migrated my websites from 1and1.com (horrible horrible company) to amazon’s EC2 service.  Wow, performance is great, I pay for what I use only  (way cheaper) – and the first year is pretty much free for you to try out.  If you know [...]

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I had experimented for some time with a peltier based heat exchanger to cool beer from my kegs (home brewing), but after a few iterations, I felt the system would not be as compact as I hoped, and the peltier was eating up too much current (80W).  Here’s the unit  – heatsink, peltier, and big [...]

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First, let me make one thing clear.  I have Java.  I think that there is something wrong with the way people who code java think.  It’s like they have to make things as complicated as possible, as verbose as possible, and as convoluted as possible for no reason. I had a simple goal, and that [...]

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