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Website Migration from 1and1.com to Amazon’s EC2

October 31st, 2012

It was a bit of work to get everything setup, but I finally migrated my websites from 1and1.com (horrible horrible company) to amazon’s EC2 service.  Wow, performance is great, I pay for what I use only  (way cheaper) – and the first year is pretty much free for you to try out.  If you know anything about setting up a linux box with apache and mysql – it’s trivial. 

The EC2 management console took a bit of playing with to figure it out.  You can add disks, make backup snapshots, configure the firewall, increate the ram, add CPUs, etc.. Very slick.

In any case, the migration is still in progress and I need to fix a few more things.  But after the migration, I hope to be updating this site more frequently.


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