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Starting Electrolysis

July 5th, 2009

Setup in action; Old power supply maxed out (~1A @ 6V), bubbles forming and crud appearing…






Restoring 1940’s Hobart Meast Slicer

June 29th, 2009

I picked up a 1940s Hobart Meat Slicer from some salvage store in Berkeley for $120 last week. It was a mess so I’m the process of stripping it all the way down and restoring it. Part of the process is to remove rust from various parts, and to that end, I’ve fabricated a rebar based de-rusting electrolysis setup based on information from here. I’m waiting for the washing soda (used as electrolyte) to come in on Thursday, but it looks kinda neat how it’s been setup. I got 6AWG wire, which is overkill (for use up to 50A) but it adds to that industrial look that I like

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