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Restoring photoalbum; greybox; velociraptor

November 1st, 2008

I’ve been heavily neglecting my photoalbum code, so I’m starting to do some cleanup as well as to add some Web 2.0 tidbits into the mix.  I’m going to be gutting it some more, removing multi-user support, cleaning the interface, and hopefully be able to start adding more content to the site shortly.

I did find greybox, a good “lightbox” script.. I would like a few small teaks, like the ability to click on the photo to go to the next one, and the ability to move the title bar from the top to just below the photograph.  I would also love for it to preload the next photo. Otherwise, it avoids the annoying resizing delay when your going from one photo to the next – which most lightbox scripts use – which I hate.

I also want to give a shout out to Richard Hesse who was insisting that a fast HD was key to a fast computer.  He was right.. I upgraded to the velociraptor 300G HD and it balzes.   Well worth the expensive sticker price.

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