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Random Slow-Carb Recipes

February 8th, 2011

This slow-carb diet has forced me to cook a lot more, and I’ve enjoyed the process.  I thought I would share a couple of the dishes that I enjoy – and that are a lot more interesting than the ones that Tim (ala 4-Hour Body) recommends.  I will not present this in the typical recipe format, rather, it’s more of a technique you can apply.

First, great simple way to prepare chicken/pork.  This cooks fast, gives juicy results, and tastes great.  First, the marinade – super simple – super fast.  Sriracha Hot sauce & Soy sauce.  I bought this organic kikoman soy sauce and really like it.




Add a bunch (I use about equal parts, but adjust to suite your taste) to meat (I like using the costco frozen tenderloins).




Just a few minute seems to work, because we will then fry it in some oil.  Doesn’t have to cover the meat.  The meat absorbs none of the oil, cooks fast, and is super juicy.  I also use the same method for pork cutlets.  I sometimes add an egg yolk if I want it to have more of a battered feel, though it’s not needed.


I have also decided I can’t stand canned beans anymore.  Ugh.  I’ve tried my hand at lentils (someone posted a recipe that sounded great and involved bacon, but it didn’t come out all that great).  So I hit up a local Indian grocery store and picked up…



That, 1/2 and onion, a tomato, and some lentils


and I have some simple and great tasting lentils.  Super cheap too if you figure the cost of ingredients.   It takes about an hour or so worth of cooking, but you can make bigger batches and save.  The instructions require a scale, which I had.  I like cooking with a scale more than the volumetric measures we usually use.  Seems more scientific Smile


Finally top off with what I’ve found to be a veggie that I’ve not gotten tired of – microwaved broccoli with mayo.  




Super tasty, and if you cook the lentils in advance, less than 15 minutes from start to finish.

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Slow-Carb Diet Update–Day 7

January 16th, 2011


I think I’m going to start posting some details about the progress of my diet through the course of it as this sort of info might be helpful to others.   I had my 1st “bing” day yesterday, which is sanctioned by the diet.  I decided to try to go full bore and see how it effected me.  My breakfast consisted of:

  • waffles
  • fried chicken
  • 2x sausage & egg sandwiches
  • grits (didn’t like it, didn’t eat much) – how are these supposed to be eaten?
  • 2x 16oz glasses of sweet tea


As good as it tasted, it made me feel horrible for the rest of the day.  I had a headache and my body hurt.  It’s amazing how bad sugar is for you.  The evening was filled with more goodness including crab cakes, bolgogi beef, chicken meatballs, pan-fried mac and cheese balls, shrimp with bacon, sausage burgers, beer, wine, bourbon.   The results:




Now, if the diet works, by Tuesday I should return to my post-binge weight.  Sarah and I went to Safeway (how I hate that place) and I bought more veggies than I ever had before in my life.  Trying to follow the paradigm of “use bag of frozen veggies” just didn’t cut it and I need to get some variety.  So for lunch I had two “slow-carb” burritos that consisted of a large piece of lettuce, layer of refried beans, garlic pulled pork from last week, sautéed green beans/onions/garlic/spring onions, peppercinis, avocado, and habanero salsa (finally found a safeway salsa that I liked).  And it was really good – I didn’t miss the bread at all.  


I’m really enjoying the cooking that I’m doing for this diet, as I’m usually too lazy to cook.  I’ve found it’s been a lot better on the wallet but a huge pain in the ass to clean up.  The dishwasher runs like 2x/day now. 


And tonight – safeway had a great sale on Dungenous crab  — so I’m going to try to make a crab salad with homemade mayo (all the stuff in the store had some sugar added).   I’ll probably add some bacon to it as well. 

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