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Crabbing in the bay

December 22nd, 2008


So I bought some crabbing nets last year and had a try at crabbing off the pacifica pier — we failed. Tried again this year, and failed. So I went out with my cousin one night to a pier off Crissy Field and we got a ton (ok, just 5), but they were like all over the nets. So we tried it again (with Patrick) and this time, we only caught 2 babies.


It was too dark to figure out which ones were male/female/dungenous when I went with my cousin so we threw them all back. The ones I caught with patrick were too small (<4 inches) so we threw them back. But one of these days, I will catch me some crabs and feast. I really want to get involved with hunting, killing, and eating my own food – but to do so where the prey has a fighting chance (at inflicting injury to me). Like hunting wild boar with a knife. Not sure if I’ll ever do that, but it seems like a nice thought. Believe it or not, but a Mauri (dude in blue in the photo) told me how to kill a boar with a knife while I was backpacking through New Zealand in a small town called National Park. The only things in that town were a bar/restaurant (owner was a huge fan of Jagger), a climbing gym, and a gas station with an attached convinience store.


They had just finished filiming TLOTR just before I got there (like a day). And if anyone is curious, the way you kill a boar is to stand still, wait for them to almost get you, jump out of their way (they can’t change direction quickly and will pass by). As they pass by, jump on their back, and stab them in this small spot on the back of their heads just at the base of the skull (which is tick enough to stop a small bullet), and stab them in the spine.

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