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Slow-Carb Diet Update–Day 7

January 16th, 2011


I think I’m going to start posting some details about the progress of my diet through the course of it as this sort of info might be helpful to others.   I had my 1st “bing” day yesterday, which is sanctioned by the diet.  I decided to try to go full bore and see how it effected me.  My breakfast consisted of:

  • waffles
  • fried chicken
  • 2x sausage & egg sandwiches
  • grits (didn’t like it, didn’t eat much) – how are these supposed to be eaten?
  • 2x 16oz glasses of sweet tea


As good as it tasted, it made me feel horrible for the rest of the day.  I had a headache and my body hurt.  It’s amazing how bad sugar is for you.  The evening was filled with more goodness including crab cakes, bolgogi beef, chicken meatballs, pan-fried mac and cheese balls, shrimp with bacon, sausage burgers, beer, wine, bourbon.   The results:




Now, if the diet works, by Tuesday I should return to my post-binge weight.  Sarah and I went to Safeway (how I hate that place) and I bought more veggies than I ever had before in my life.  Trying to follow the paradigm of “use bag of frozen veggies” just didn’t cut it and I need to get some variety.  So for lunch I had two “slow-carb” burritos that consisted of a large piece of lettuce, layer of refried beans, garlic pulled pork from last week, sautéed green beans/onions/garlic/spring onions, peppercinis, avocado, and habanero salsa (finally found a safeway salsa that I liked).  And it was really good – I didn’t miss the bread at all.  


I’m really enjoying the cooking that I’m doing for this diet, as I’m usually too lazy to cook.  I’ve found it’s been a lot better on the wallet but a huge pain in the ass to clean up.  The dishwasher runs like 2x/day now. 


And tonight – safeway had a great sale on Dungenous crab  — so I’m going to try to make a crab salad with homemade mayo (all the stuff in the store had some sugar added).   I’ll probably add some bacon to it as well. 

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My attempt at implementing Tim Ferriss’ Slow-Carb Diet

January 14th, 2011

I’ve been working too hard at graduating and a number of other projects where I found I wasn’t going to the gym nearly as much as I used to.  As a result, I started feeling unhealthy, but I also didn’t believe in dieting.  That was till I saw a blog entry on about Tim’s book, the 4-hour body.  It’s not a diet book, but rather a somewhat scientific look at how to hack many aspects of your body – and I bought his pitch.  It made sense to me, and it seemed like an approach that I could follow. 

The chapter that talks about the diet is essentially converted from this blog entry.  I’m not going to bore you with the details, but I’m trying to be a bit methodical about the progress and want to document it.  Essentially, it’s 4 meals a day of lots of beans (I never want to eat beans again after this).  He also stresses keeping the meals simple (read: boring) and the same.  He argues it’s simpler that way.  Unfortunately,  following that advice will get me disinterested quickly from the diet.  I need variety.  I just finished cooking the garlic pork dish from this cookbook I found online.   

Anyhow, I’m doing pretty well though I accidentally violated one of the rules and had some fruit juice.  And I’m drinking some whiskey instead of wine right now (thanks diQ for leaving that bottle behind).  But so far I’m on track to hit my goal of 20lbs in 30 days.  I’m also following a regiment of a ton of supplements that he suggests – 13 pills a day no less at a cost of $75/month for the supply.  Normally I’m not into that kind of stuff, but there’s something cool about the thought of hacking my body, so I’ll give I a shot.  Here’s the data, though I started right after finishing 3 days of my unintentional food-poisoning diet which I dropped 5lbs over 3 days.  I’m actually less now than I’ve been in years.  I’m going to start weight training again after I hit 170, but my body puts on muscle fast and I don’t want to see my weight increase (it’s a motivational thing).




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