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Iron Man Rules!

Oh my!  What a thrill to have the movie industry juggernaut actually release a good movie!!! It’s unheard of.  I drove home way too fast after watching the flick, got home, and started pacing back and forth… It took about 20 minutes before I could sit down.  I will be seeing it again in the next couple days.  And I must say that they did such a great job casting the characters.

I will add that one of the reasons I loved the movie was that it was internally totally logically consistent.  I hate how movies try to pretend that they are somewhat realistic by throwing some refernces to real technologies, then utilizing that technology in an unrealisitic way.  Please, why not start out with a ficticious but internally consistent technology, then utilize that technolog as the author sees fit.

The only problem now is trying to figure out how to go to sleep after that rush.


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