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BioImpedence Success

August 26th, 2008

img_3649.jpgStephan from VG Bio came over for a visit and we spent the day debugging the BioImpedence circuit based on the AD5933 IC.  It consists of a voltage to current converter, a differential amplifier, and the AD5933 IC (as well as a number of passives).  Using the development software, we were able to graphically visualize Stephan’s breathing.  Pretty cool.

Look here for more photos.

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  1. Mukul
    | #1


    Am developing a bioimpedance based hydration meter(4 and 2 wire) using AD5933
    Am interested in application notes,schematics alongwith microcontroller interfacing of AD5933

    Can u fwd these docs if u have them?


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