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4th of July & Meat Slicer update

P1020907.jpgI’ve made some progress stripping the paint off the base of the unit. I got a very aggresive wire brush for my angle grinder from harbor freight (not pictured, and and I can’t find the part on their website; came from a kit #90976) and that seemed to do a great job — though it litterally rips the metal and paint off together. I’m not sure how much “sanding” I’ll have to do get it smooth enough for painting — nor do I have a clue how to paint it yet. My best guess so far is to get some spray epoxy for appliances, though I’m uncertain how the finish will be. Powder coating is another option, but that might be expensive. There’s some more stuff I have to remove to fully strip the paint, but I’m not sure how yet — it’s a bit of a puzzle figuring out the order of parts to remove.


So tonight was the 4th, and I felt as if I was in Iraq. Lots and lots of explosions all over the place. People launching fireworks at each other in the streets. Kinda fun, very dangerous, and pretty stupid. After setting off explosives for the longest time, the cops finally decided to arrest this one guy in my hood. Then 11 cop cars showed up. 11. Not sure what they wanted to do, but they just hung out. They managed to block a bus, whos driver was too stupid to drive around them (not electric one so they could drive on different streets). She’s in the middle of the photo trying to get the cops to move so she wouldn’t have to go around. And she was so rude and unprofessional in how she treated the passengers. It pisses me off how much protection they have with the unions — they know they can’t get fired so they treat everyone like shit.

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