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CO2 Sensor Distraction

August 21st, 2009

Many hours ago I got sidetracked and decided to build a “quick” Carbon Monoxide (CO) sensor interface. The CO sensor is a Figaro TGS 2442 Carbon Monoxide sensor. It ended up taking much loner than expected to build – though most all projects take longer than expected. I am using the module in the bottom of the picture to power the device via a USB connector. The number of LEDs illuminated increase as the CO2 conentration increases. The measured values from the sensor are pretty meaningless as the device must first be calibrated using controlled CO concentrations which I can’t produce at home. As a result, I defined the CO level in my room as 1 LED. The goal is to migrate this circuit into my car and use it to gather geotagged CO data on the road using the car gadget that I recently mentioned.



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