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rStep assembled and working

November 27th, 2010

I got the parts in from digikey today, and assembled a couple of the rStep boards.  Seems that sanguino uses the 644p and I ordered the 644.  Additionally, I’m clocking the 644 at 20Mhz while the sanguino expects 16Mhz.  I had to make a number of changes to make the 644 work with the arduino.  First, I had to modify the bootloader by adding an entry for the 644 @ 20Mhz, recompiled it, and uploaded it through the JTAG port.  Additionally, the boards.txt file had to be changed to reflect the 644 @ 20Mhz.  Now, it is compatible with the arduino IDE and I was able to compile a simple LED blinking application and upload it without problems.  A few more tests and I’ll be able to send out the beta boards to the developers for further testing.



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  1. Peter
    | #1

    This is very impressive, I also had similar issues integrating the 644p into the Arduino IDE – as well as the programmer.

    Do you have a video/update to this board in action?

  2. | #2

    Ill be posting something soon.

  3. Fernando
    | #3

    Hi there.

    CNC over USB is awesome!
    It’s nice to see that you are moving forward with your design.
    I am interested in your rStep project but I’m targeting high current ones. Do you think this design can be adapted to work with Allegro’s A4989?

    Keep up the nice work!

  4. | #4

    Yes, though I’m targeting smaller CNC implementations (i.e. hobbyists). I plan on exposing the step/dir pins so that you can connect it to a different controller board if needed.

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