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Boat camping in Lake Sonoma

July 18th, 2013

This post is a big departure from my usual discussion on food and electronics, but I did a lot of searching online before camping at Lake Sonoma (CA) last weekend, and I never found this information till I was onsite – and it would have really helped me out.  So I requested a copy of the information and I’m posting it here to help future campers pick a better spot to camp at.

This is a conversion of the document they give you when you go to check into a primitive campsite.

We had a great time camping there, but when we left, we forgot to pack up my hammock which was a gift from a dear friend from when I was in Thailand. 

Primitive Boat-in and Hike-in Campsites at Lake Sonoma on Warm Springs Arm

Eight out of the fifteen primitive campgrounds at Lake Sonoma lie along the seven-mile long Warm Springs arm of the lake. These eight campgrounds are also accessible by trail for the enjoyment of our equestrians and hikers. Please note that Bummer Peak is a trail camp only – Bummer Peak does NOT have boat access. Campers should use caution around campgrounds, as much of Lake Sonoma’s terrain is steep.


Two sites available for hike-in, bicycle, or horseback campers. Round trip from No Name Flat is about 5 miles. Offers great views.


Seven spacious sites in a ski zone. Sites 1 & 4 are close to the water. Sites 2 & 3 are close together. Camp is susceptible to choppy wake.


One of two group campgrounds, Island View has four sites available to accommodate groups as large as 30-50. Accessible by boat or hike-in. Decent for boating access, ample shade and in a no-wake zone.


13 large sites with plenty of play space for children. Buck Pasture has quiet boat traffic, good fishing and swimming. Sites 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12 & 13 are on shoreline. Site 6 is very small.


This campground is located in a no-wake zone. Sites 3, 4 & 5 are close to the water. The hike from Skaggs Springs Vista is 1.1 miles.


These six sites are in a ski zone and have the shortest walk-in distance. Sites 1, 2 & 3 are close to the water but have no shade. Sites 4, 5 & 6 are set back from the shoreline.


An ideal campground for fishing and swimming activities. Five sites on moderate terrain and varied shade coverage. Sites 1 & 3 are on the shoreline, 2 & 4 on the hills and site 5 on a peninsula. All sites are in a no-wake. no-ski zone.


Old Sawmill has nine sites isolated far up this arm of the Lake. Site 1 has a natural spring and horse corral. Campground has fig trees, old foundations and more. All sites are located up from the shore.


Primitive Boat-in and Hike-in Campsites at Lake Sonoma on Dry Creek Arm

Lake Sonoma’s Dry Creek arm extends twelve miles and has seven campgrounds accessible by boat only. The terrain is steep and hazardous, so campers should exercise caution around campgrounds and when exiting your boat. The Yorty Creek day use area is also located on this arm and has a small boat ramp suitable for car top launching (NO TRAILERS). Campers who wish to park overnight at Yorty Creek should check in at the visitor center for a parking pass. Failure to obtain a pass can result in a citation.

Group camping with six sites. Beautifully shaded by redwood trees and situated in a ski zone.


Eight sites nestled on densely wooded terrain with a steep shoreline. Excellent shade coverage and situated off a “no ski” zone, this camp is an ideal location for fisherman.


Eight sites on a steep hillside. Rustlers is the closest camp-ground to Yorty Creek. Sites 1 & 2 are close together, sites 4 & 5 have a steep shoreline and moderate shade.


All seven sites are within 150 feet of shore and have at least partial shade. Sites 1 & 2 are furthest from shore, 3 & 4 are close together, 5 & 7 are near shore.


All ten sites are evenly spread out and within 150 feet of shore. Sites 5 and 10 nearest the water. Site 6 is on a little peninsula. Sites 3 & 4, 11 & 12 have shade and privacy and site 7.has full sun


Twelve sites in a “no wake” zone with lots of sun. Sites 1-4 near the water. Sites 1-5 with moderate shade, the other sites have full sun.

Sites 11 & 12 are on separate peninsula.


The 10 sites offer a combination of shade, gentle slope and a great beach. Located in a “no wake” zone so boat noise is minimal. Sites 4 & 5 are close together sites. Sites 7-10 are about 100 feet from shore.



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