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New Name: The Berkeley Tricorder Project

September 27th, 2007

v3.jpgDuring my weekly meeting with my adviser (John), he brought up the issue of project name and suggested The Berkeley Tricorder Project.  He was inspired by what several people said in blog comments in regards to the first demo I posted.  Well, I love it, and now it’s the new official name of this project.  I also got a confirmation email that the box full of components reached it’s destination in China and the new PCB will be manufactured and assembled over the next two weeks, then shipped back to us.  The upgrades in this revision include :

  • Better input stage for ECG (2 stage with lower time constant)
  • AC couping EMG input to avoid it saturating
  • Moved GSR off EMG input and will multi-task it with the temperature probe.
  • Addition of Pulse Oximeter.
  • Addition of USB interface
  • Addition of onboard voltage regulation with error detection
  • Addition of status LED
  • Additional multi-purpose inputs/outputs

Our hopes is to deploy this in the field and start collecting data.   The inset image is of a portion of the latest PCB, all routed by hand.

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    Reza – sorry I missed you today. I brought my boss by to meet you, but we couldn’t find your poster. What’s the best site for tracking the Tricorder project? Thanks. beck@hmicro.com

  2. admin
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    You can track it at http://reza.net/hm — I should be adding some more content soon. Sorry about missing you at the poster session; I ended up giving a talk instead and was busy prepping for it.

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