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New programming breakout board

September 28th, 2007

HealthMonitor Breakout Board v2I’ve made some changes to the original programming interface and fixed a bug (schematic called for Male DB25, and I was using a Female).

  • The 14 pin connector on the left connects to the JTAG-FET MSP430 programmer.
  • The 13-pin flex cable at the top connects to the Tricorder (formerly known as the HealthMonitor).
  • The 25-pin DB25 connects to the parallel port for bit-banged SPI to program the CSR bluetooth IC.
  • The two DB9 connectors each output one side of the communication between the MSP430 and the BlueTooth IC.  That you you can look at the traffic going back and forth simultaneously.  The problem with the original design was that it only listened to one side of the conversation, and was wired to drive the other side.  This worked, but obviously made driver on the Tricorder unhappy.  This way, we don’t drive anything, and listen to both signals.


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