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Bluetooth working – found culprit appliction – FixCamera.exe!!

November 7th, 2007

My development environment for the CSR BlueCore IC (xIDE) stopped working – in particular, an application called vmbuilder.exe which is responsible for merging the CSR firmware with my application specific code would not generate an output file, nor would it print any debugging message.

After several days of uninstalling and reinstalling, I starting digging a bit deeper and found that the application would terminate at a different point in it’s execution each time it was run.  Some (more like a lot) more debugging revealed that an application that was running on my computer, FixCamera.exe was responsible.  It constantly pokes around different executables and files on the computer.  For some reason, every time it would poke it’s nose into vmbuilder.exe, it would cause the application to die.

I have no idea what FixCamera.exe is for, and my webcam works fine without it.  I did find one website that claims that it could be MalWare.  Grr..

In any case, after more time than I would have liked, I’m up and running, and I’m able to stream data from the new tricorder.

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  1. trev
    | #1

    I run into the same problem when running VMware. Apparently, FixCamera.exe will kill any process where the executable name contains “DOMINO”, “VM” or “BIGDOG”. And – no, it is not malware. It is just crapware that came with my webcam driver. I guess, it is attempting to patch applications on the fly but fails badly.

  2. George Gulie
    | #2

    Man!!! you are a life saver! I Bow Down on Thy Feet!
    I was just about to call CSR and tell them something very nice about their mamas… after 3 days of digging…

    Thank again!

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