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Globalization in 1.1.2v iPhone Firmware – why?

December 2nd, 2007

The iPhone isn’t slated to be sold abroad for awhile, so why is the latest firmware full of a ton of support for different languages?



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    Because it’s been on sale in France since 29.11 and in Germany and the UK since October.
    And planned to be sold in Italy by Q1 2008.


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    still lame, as the internationalization takes up a good chunk of the iphone’s 300M partition. I cleaned it up a bit by using..

    # find / -name ‘*French*’ -or -name ‘*German*’ -or -name ‘*Italian*’ | awk ‘{print “rm -rf “$1}’ > /tmp/runme.sh
    # sh /tmp/runme.sh

    for some reason, I couldn’t get “| xargs rm -rf” to work as rm would terminate with a sig11, so I broke it up into a bunch of individual commands.

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    Yeah, apple tends to leave internationalization strings for all supported languages for every application. iLife on a desktop/laptop can eat up quite some space with support for unused languages.


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