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PocketPC Photo Sync Application

August 4th, 2007

PhotoSync PictureI just finished writing an application to upload photos from my phone to my website automatically, and stick them on the right side of the page. I used it as an exercise in learning C# development on the compact (mobile) framework. The IDE is very impressive, and I’m starting to see the benefit of a good development environment over gcc + vi which has been my golden standard for over a decade. I’m not sure if there’s interested in it, but I’ll probably post the application shortly after I make sure that there are no other bugs in it. It works by keeping a local list of files it’s uploaded, and uploading files via an http multipart/form post to a small perl cgi. To make it a bit more robust, I might move away from a list of files to a list of file hashes so that filename changes will not effect the files. It’s also designed to upload any content, not just photos, so it could also be used as a synchronization application.
I’m also toying with the idea of setting up a photo gallery on for people to share their photos from their phone. I’m not sure if there is any demand or interest, but I kinda like the idea. I think other sites are doing something similar…